The value of an idea lies in the using of it

Our teams are enthusiastic and professional in turning our ideas into innovative magazines and media concepts. Every single team member plays a crucial part. Each team member plays an important role in the implementation of our innovative magazine brands. Our 40 employees in Munich and 10 colleagues in our India-based subsidiary are extremely enthusiastic and professional in turning our projects into reality – at the publishing house, as a manufacture of unique technology magazines and at our corporate publishing agency creating unequaled industry communication.

Our Team

Kilian Müller

CEO & Publisher

Phone: +49.151.582119-00

Anja Müller

Head of Marketing

Phone: +49.151.582119-07

Hanno Hardt

Head of Value Innovation / Authorized Officer

Phone: +49.151.582119-06

Veronika Blank

Senior Print Manager

Phone: +49.151.582119-00

Beatrice Decker

Head of Sales

Phone: +49.151.582119-13

Kathrin Veigel

Managing Editor P&A

Phone: +49.151.582119-30

Marina Bauer-Rittershaus


Phone: +49.151.582119-03

Ilka Gärtner

Account Manager / Sales Service

Phone: +49.151.582119-21

Frank Wiegand


Phone: +49.151.582119-04

Julia Rinklin

Product Manager Services

Phone: +49.151.582119-10

Saskia Albert

Director Sales

Phone: +49.151.582119-18

Esther Härtel

Product Manager Magazines

Phone: +49.151.582119-08

Charlotte Kotowski

Administration Manager

Phone: +49.151.582119-02

Caroline Häfner

Director Sales

Phone: +49.151.582119-14

Doreen Haugk

Senior Account Manager

Phone: +49.151.582119-19

Jessica Schuster

Managing Editor Energy 4.0

Phone: +49.151.58211914-29

Sabrina Quente


Phone: +49.151.582119-33

Marina Schiller

Sales Services

Phone: +49.151.582119-20

Christian Schlager

Director Sales

Phone: +49.151.582119-15

Regina Levenshtein

Content Manager

Phone: +49.151.582119-32

Anna Wastl

Sales Services

Phone: +49.151.582119-24

Florian Streifinger

Managing Editor E&E

Phone: +49.151.582119-28

Jessica-Laura Wygas

Director Sales

Phone: +49.151.582119-16

Melina Marchl

Travel Management

Phone: +49.151.582119-01

Christian Fischbach

Head of Value Manufacturing

Phone: +49.151.582119-25

Anna Gampenrieder


Phone: +49.151.582119-23

Christian Vilsbeck

Managing Editor A&D

Phone: +49.151.582119-26

Mona Maier


Phone: +49.151.582119-11

Demian Kutzmutz


Phone: +49.151.582119-37

Tabea Lother


Phone: +49.151.582119-38

Jeraldine Zuber


Phone: +49.151.582119-00

Theresa Kerscher

Project Management

Phone: +49.151.582119-35

Selina Doulah


Phone: +49.151.582119-33

Florian Mayr


Phone: +49.151.582119-27

Lisa Nemeth

Project Management

Phone: +49.151.582119-31