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The trade magazine for industrial automation.

Editorial concept
With a circulation of 15,000 A&D provides information on current technical and market trends, interesting applications as well as new products and solutions. A&D offers the specific knowledge selective readers require for their routine activities. The editorial spectrum is rounded up through a detailed and profound system of reporting on all topics relevant to the market, such as events, personalities, company information and market developments.


Target groups
Readers of A&D are selected through a complex qualification procedure (controlled circulation). Qualification criteria include market relevance, the position, function and interest in the subject. The defined readership comprises production, project and purchasing top-managers in all automation-intensive industries, as well as machine and plant constructers, system integrators, solution providers and OEMs. In addition to technical managers, A&D also provides information to commercial managers on current developments and market trends.


Special features of A&D are its challenging editorial interpretations, clear yet sophisticated column arrangement, striking and modern layout and prominent B4 format.


All contents of A&D and more detailed information (PDFs, similar articles, technical data, manufacturer links etc.) are available free-of-charge on the respective publication dates from www.AandD24.net. More@click-codes allow direct online access to the portal contents.


Special publications planed



A&D online
The online edition of A&D is sent in the form of a personalised email two weeks after the publication date of the printed edition and reaches qualified users per transmission. A&D online advertises the online availability of all magazine content at www.aandd24.in and contains direct links to each individual publication of the corresponding printed edition. In 2004, A&D online achieved an average response quota of 30 %. Start: April 2008.


A&D rubrics
- companies & markets
- drives & components
- control & regulation technology
- field buses & networks
- sensors & encoders
- image processing & measuring technology
- industrial computers & peripheries
- software & engineering tools
- electrical engineering & energy technology
- robotics & handling
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