Management-Roundtable: Networking, Learning, Benchmarking

The publish-industry Management Roundtable looks back on a 10-year history. It is a synonym for benchmarking, networking and learning. Under the umbrella of different media brands, it provides a networking basis for leading mid-sized companies from the automation, process and electrical engineering sector, on a strategic corporate and sales management level. The regular group of participants comprises top representatives of these technology companies. Their goal is to create an extensive exchange of experience and thus added value across several industries.

Learning form the best: With its select range of topics, the publish-industry Management Roundtable is hosted by benchmark and best practice companies

A&D-Management-Roundtable Hosts 2014/2015 ...

publish-industry und der A&D-Management-Roundtable bedanken sich bei den gastgebenden Benchmarkunternehmen für spannende Veranstaltungen zu Themen wie Business Reeingineering, CRM als Steuerungstool für Sales Effectiveness, Kommunikation von Unternehmensentwicklung/- strategie, Elektromobilität, Global Sourcing etc.

P&A-Management-Roundtable Hosts 2014/2015 ...

E&E-Management Roundtable Hosts 2014/2015 ...

Energy 2.0/Urban2.0 VIP-Partnerboard Hosts 2014/2015...

Topic: energy storage

Host: Prof. Dr. Werner Tillmetz

Topic: decentralized energy supply

Host: Dipl. Ing. Nick Zippel

Topic: sustainable urban planning

Host: Prof. Albert Speer