- A fascinating world of technology is your hub into a fascinating world of technology. Available on all digital devices (desktop, tablet, mobile), it is the umbrella portal that bundles and integrates the content of the web magazines – i.e. automation, electronics, process technology, energy and infrastructure.

But is more than a content bundle. It is the first industry portal where users can rate and rank companies. This way, it creates transparency and relevance and provides suppliers with new business opportunities.

With, the fascination of technology becomes a multi-media experience for decision-makers. supports users who draw inspiration from looking beyond their own industrial sector.

And: You, your customers, suppliers and colleagues can rate companies on There is at least one company you know well – your own. Go online and become a member of the community. - First industry portal and unique content bundle for key technologies and future technologies is based on the web magazines of the media brands A&D, E&E, Energy 4.0, P&A and Urban 2.0. The range of topics of these media brands is available via the common domain as well as directly via the respective media channel.

User acceptance is guaranteed through modern web design, clear user navigation and ad-free articles. Users have free access to technical articles, videos and picture galleries. They can share and rate content, and links to the authors and companies offer them access to useful networks and evaluation by the community. - crossmedial and multichannel

publish-industry focuses a  „single Content – multi channel“ approach. This means that all kind of articles, videos, pictures or news are created within one single workflow. Our editors can decide by the touch of a button which content will be published in which channel: Print or digital. Each web magazine – linked to other publish-industry web magazines under the umbrella portal – is the digital entry into the fascinating world of engineering. supports users in making better purchasing decisions and suppliers in creating business.


Our mission: "Create Business with Technology"

Technology does not live on facts alone. Inspire decision makers in the industry with exciting reports, fascinating insights, strong advertising impulses and up-to-date industry news. offers a variety of communication and advertising formats for your digital marketing. We support you in reaching a distinctive profile!

Corporate Channel: Expertise, Reputation, Trust

In our web magazines, all contents published for you are automatically incorporated in a corporate channel that is accessible at any time and, if desired, configured in line with your corporate identity. A custom-made information channel that is greatly beneficial for you and focuses on enhancing the visibility and image of your brand as well as the trust in it.

Content Marketing

Markets are conversations, and we provide the topics. We embed your stories in our contents, and our sophisticated content marketing formats help them to become a relevant topic of conversation in the market.

Hoch can you rech important multipliers most efficiently: Week-Newsletter

Top news must be spread as long as they are hot. Because market actors have high demands. With our WEEK newsletters, we provide them with interesting and significant news first-hand, week after week – selected with the expertise of our professional editors. No matter whom you want to bring up to date, this is the right medium to present your news and dates in an exposed position. - Contacts

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