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Automated processes, safe procedures, products of impeccable quality – these are the challenges that keep companies across all manufacturing industries on their toes.

A&D-Automation & Digitalisierung has established itself as the competent technology magazine for suppliers and users of sophisticated automation technology for a long time. It is known as one of the leading magazines for industrial automation focused on the German-speaking markets in Europe.

A&D transfers expertise and knowledge from suppliers to users, along the entire automation value chain. A&D makes it easier to deploy innovative technology, to assess the benefit of new products and systems and to identify deficits in efficiency.

All A&D content focuses on: Fascination. Technology. Print, online, mobile.


A&D – Automation & Digitalisierung
A&D – Automation & Digitalisierung

A&D penetrates the world of automation and increases efficiency and quality - for a significant lead on the way to a sustainable industrialized society. Multi-channel and on all devices.

Machine builders, plant designers or project managers – these experts may have different levels of knowledge. However, sophisticated automation engineering plays a pivotal role in the daily tasks of all of them. A&D is the reliable source of information for both sides – engineers and managers.

As professional magazines have become largely interchangeable, one of the prime concerns of A&D is to be unique, with attention and credibility being the key factors of success. To meet this demand, we leave the beaten paths of the professional magazine landscape and break new editorial ground.

As a multi-channel media brand, A&D not only provides print products but also a range of unique digital information offers that are available online and mobile on all devices, without any limitation.


A&D 5.2019

The magazine A&D Automation & Digitalisierung is published ten times a year. Much more than the cover design makes it completely different to all other magazines for industrial automation. A&D offers: Exciting technology – emotionally portrayed. Relevant professional knowledge – imparted comprehensibly. Inspiration – through people and opinions. Applicable best practice and application examples. Knowledge is fascinating when presented accordingly.

A&D Automation & Digitalisierung is available in both versions, print and e-paper. All contents can also be find on the web-magazine

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The A&D Kompendium poses the question “How will you change the future?” to the 100 outstanding minds in the automation industry and presents an exclusive compilation of ideas & developments, assessments and outlooks that will shape the future.

The A&D Kompendium is THE medium at the interface of inspiring minds and practical implementation. In combination with the categories presented by the leading providers, a reference book is created that deserves its name: serious, highly relevant, emotional, forward-looking. Consciously implemented as a high-quality annual print publication!

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Web Magazine

The A&D Web Magazine accompanies readers on their way into the future, both mobile and online. Elaborately designed, it highlights the current topic – far beyond the content of the print publications. It provides up-to-date industry news and an overview of the companies within the A&D market. Profoundly researched specials present technology trends of high value. The media center with videos and images brings the fascination of factory automation to life. The rating and comment functions play an essential part and enable users to participate actively.

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A&Dweek Newsletter

The A&Dweek-Newsletter keeps users in machine-building industry and factory automation up-to-date with the most important and relevant news about industrial automation.

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A&D industry focus with trend report

Digital Factory
Smart Factory
Industrial Software Solutions
Drives & Motion
Sensors & Measurement Technology
Industrial Communication
Control Technology
Safe & Secure Automation
Connection- & Cabinet Technology
Power Supply & Energy Efficiency

Internet of things/Industry 4.0
Mobile Automation

Target Group

Production Managers
Project Managers
Purchasing Managers
Machine and Plant Manufacturers
System Integrators
Solution Providers & OEM´s
Techn. and Commercial Management


A&D-Magazine: 27,568 (Print + E-Paper)
A&D-Kompendium: 17,650 (Print + E-Paper)
A&Dweek-Newsletter: 9,500 (E-Mail)


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