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Microelectronics is an innovator and drives the entire economy. In cars, the industry, medical engineering or consumer electronics – markets are moved forward through developments in the electronics sector.

Amongst electronics magazines, E&E Faszination Elektronik makes the difference – not only regarding its design. Our goal is to be much more innovative and to stand out from the rest. For more than 15 years, we have been the competent media partner of the German electronics industry with our E&E professional media. We know the market and we understand technology. This way, we guarantee top quality and enjoy an excellent reputation in the market. Every piece of information you find in our print products is always available online – and a lot more.


E&E inspires people for fascinating electronic developments – as driving force for progress in our global society. Multi-channel and on all devices.

Fascinating, emotional and technologically profound – E&E gives a somewhat different perspective of the world of electronics.

E&E provides extensive coverage of trends and developments in the electronics industry. E&E makes it easier to deploy innovative technology and to assess the benefit of new products and applications. Fascination is the focus of our topic spectrum and layout. E&E is inspiring, and it is the information basis for the development of innovative electronic products and applications. As a multi-channel media brand, E&E is available in print, online and mobile.

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E&E – Faszination Elektronik

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Eight times a year E&E – The Fascination of Electronics presents fascinating aspects of electronics, with a focus on people, technology and exciting applications. E&E is available as print and e-paper version. All contents can be found on the web-magazine INDUSTR.COM/EuE as well.

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The E&E-Kompendium is the annual reference book for electronics and electronic development. It gives an overview of key technology trends and suppliers in the market, with carefully selected articles that guarantee profound and sustained technical information.

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The E&E web magazine accompanies readers on their way into the future, both mobile and online. Elaborately designed, it highlights current trend topics – far beyond the content of the print publications. It provides up-todate industry news and an overview of the companies within the E&E market. Profoundly researched Specials present technology trends of high value. The media center with extensive videos and images brings the fascination of electronics to life. The rating and comment functions play an essential part and enable users to participate actively.

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The weekly digital E&Eweek Newsletter provides compact and up-todate news from the electronics industry – from the most recent company acquisition to the presentation of innovative new products at industrial trade fairs.

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