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Manufacture of unique technology media

As a manufacture of unique technology media, we present key technologies and their markets. We’re fascinated by technology – that’s the basis for our daily work.

More than 25 years experience in publishing and a deep understanding of technology markets make us a recognized partner for the industry.

Our media brands establish strong and relevant market networks – print & digital – where technology suppliers and users come together. Our mission: “We create business for industries”.

Our technology magazines and our communication solutions are benchmarks in their markets and are widely respected by readers, customers and partners.


Lead Campaigns

Data Driven Campaigning

Lead Campaigns with publish-industry

Verified data is the basis for providers in carrying out a customer acquisition. This data is particularly valuable if the user transmits it voluntarily and personally, because it signals his interest in topics and products of your company. You can work directly with this customer information.

Your company is unique! 

publish-industry campaigns ensure that your target audience understands your USPs, appreciates them, and most importantly, knows what your company stands for. With one of our campaign packages, we help you tell your brand story. Our content specialists prepare your story in a way that targets each unique audience across different channels. Whether it´s an article, a webinar, or a tech talk, we help you reach your goals with our relevant media brands and our industry network. 



From the start-up with a niche title to one of the most innovative and modern publishing houses for technology magazines – this is the history onto which publish-industry and its founder and publisher Kilian Müller look back upon.

publish-industry was founded by publisher Kilian Müller in 1993 – while he was still studying business economics. Starting with an electronics niche title, it has turned into a manufacture of unique technology magazines and is renowned for its innovation strength and publisher courage. The confidence and respect of our readers and partners are a proof that the direction once taken is good. We want to continue setting standards in our target markets.


Our teams are enthusiastic and professional in turning our ideas into innovative magazines and media concepts. Every single team member plays a crucial part.

Each team member plays an important role in the implementation of our innovative magazine brands. Our 30 employees in Munich are extremely enthusiastic and professional in turning our projects into reality – at the publishing house, as a manufacture of unique technology magazines and at our corporate publishing agency creating unequaled industry communication.


Christian Vilsbeck, Editor-in-Chief A&D: "Leading a life worth living and being well provided for with everything necessary – for seven billion people, this goal can only be achieved through optimized production processes and a significant enhancement of energy and resource efficiency."

Automation plays the pivot role here. Automation ensures prosperity.
Thanks to automation, products are manufactured under much more favorable conditions than in hand labor, and resources are used efficiently. Automation ensures a life worth living.

Bernhard Haluschak, E&E-Editor-in-Chief: “Microelectronics is all around us. In many areas, progress seems unimaginable without further developments in microelectronics.”

Electronics is the core of technology – in cars, communication technology, industrial plants or medical systems. As such, it is a crucial driving force for progress in our global society.

Bernhard Haluschak, Editor-in-Chief Energy 4.0: "How can the energy transformation succeed? Where and which way is the energy of the future generated and distributed intelligently? How do companies achieve maximum efficiency in deployment?"

On our the way towards a post-fossil society , these are the urgent questions we are confronted with, because the energy of the future ensures prosperity and health.