Manufacture of unique technology media

As a manufacture of unique technology media, we present key techologies and their markets. We’re fascinated by technology – that’s the basis for our daily work.

More than 20 years experience in publishing and a deep understanding of technology markets make us a recognized partner for the industry.

Our media brands establish strong and relevant market networks – print & digital – where technology suppliers and users come together. Our mission: “Create Business for Industries”.

Our technology magazines and our communication solutions are benchmarks in their markets and are widely respected by readers, customers and partners.


A publish-industry magazine
A publish-industry magazine
A publish-industry magazine
A publish-industry magazine

A lead campaign with publish-industry enables you to get in touch with the right people at the right time.

For providers, verified data is the basis of customer acquisition. This data is particularly valuable if the user transmits it voluntarily and personally, because it signals his or her interest in the topics and products of your company and you can work directly with this customer information.

publish-industry has a close-knit network deep within the industry. Our almost 25 years of know-how in handling content for high-tech markets and our ability and knowledge of the instruments of modern, digital and analog communication make us your preferred innovation partner.


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publish-industry - Manufacturer of unique technology magazines


Our focus on the growth market of India


publish-industry: Innovative media partner of the industry for over 20 years


The value of an idea lies in the using of it


Your confidence is our pride and motivation


Your confidence is our pride and motivation

Our professional media set standards in their target markets and have gained the confidence and respect of their readers, customers and partners. As a manufacture of unique professional media, publish-industry is a renowned partner of the industry today.

We are the innovative media partner of the industry and, as such, have been experiencing the diversity of our customers. From small businesses and classic mid-sized companies to large corporations – we regard them all highly, and we appreciate their confidence in our expertise, our team and our products. They are our motivation for peak performance.


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