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How can the energy transformation succeed? Where and which way is the energy of the future generated and distributed intelligently? How do companies achieve maximum efficiency in deployment?

Energy 4.0 answers these pivotal questions and provides information about markets, strategies and technologies for the energy of the future. We guide our readers on their journey through the world of energy – from energy generation, transport, storage and distribution through to efficient applications. Every piece of information you find in our print products is always available online on all devices – and a lot more.

Energy 4.0

Energy 4.0 offers a fascinating insight in innovative technologies and sustainable strategies for the energy of the future – on the way to post-fossil society.

Energy 4.0 stands out for extensive coverage of topics along the entire value chain of energy engineering.

Transferring our content, we break new ground with the unique graphic design and magazine dramaturgy of Energy 4.0. One of our prime concerns is to enhance the joy of reading for those travelling the world of electronics. Varying journalistic formats promise information variety, increasing the readers’ attention and joy of reading.



Energy 4.0 – Print

Energy 4.0 is published four times a year and highlights current technologies, their background and context. Energy 4.0 provides information about markets, strategies and technologies for the energy of the future, breaking new ground in the way content is conveyed. All contents are available on the Web Magazine as well.

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Jahrbuch Hakahaka 2021

HAKAHAKA – The Industry Yearbook. For forward thinkers and future makers.

Change defines our time and transforms our society, our companies, all of us. In change lies the freedom to shape. But who is shaping the future of industry and its sectors? And how?

150 forward thinkers and future makers – 150 views and perspectives on and from change. Very personal, with plenty of room for inspiring and critical thoughts. And lots of good ideas.

HAKAHAKA is an invitation: to think along, to think ahead, but also to reflect.

Web Magazine

Energy 4.0 – Digital

As a Web Magazine, Energy 4.0 provides readers with advice and information on mobile devices and online. Sophisticated in design, it features articles on contemporary hot topics, provides up-to-date industry news, and offers an overview of companies within the energy market. Solidly researched special features showcase technological trends of high value. The media centre brings to life the fascination of energy engineering by means of video and images. The rating and comment functions play an essential part and enable users to be actively involved.

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