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publish-industry India Pvt Ltd was officially announced the starting of the company’s operation in Pune city, on March 29, 2008. With this, the German publishing house has started bringing out their flagship magazines into the Indian market, A&D to start with. Today the two successful media brands are A&D India – Trade Magazine for Industrial Automation and EM-India – Trade Magazine for Efficient Manufacturing.

With publish-industry India, we are bringing out our flagship magazines into the growing Indian market.

We are backed by the strong expertise of the parent company – publish-industry Verlag GmbH, Germany. With an experienced and dedicated team and supported by recognized organizations and associations in the manufacturing and automation industry, A&D and EM have already built an impressive reputation as the most-referred industrial publications in India.

A&D India - Trade Magazine for Industrial Automation

A&D India is a leading trade magazine in India, on Industrial Automation and related areas. The readers of the magazine are spread across Electrical & Electronics, Pharma & Chemical, Food & Beverage, Power & Energy, Oil & Gas, Automotive, Machine Tools, Steel & Mining sectors....making it the most sought after magazine in this sector.

The bi-monthley magazine is aimed at not only the top-decision-makers but also engineers and technocrats from the industrial automation & robotics segment, OEMs and the end-user manufacturing industry, covering both process & factory automation.

A&D India offers a comprehensive coverage on the latest technology and market trends, interesting & innovative applications, business opportunities, new products and solutions in the industrial automation and robotics area.

The contents have clear focus on editorial subjects, with in-depth and practical oriented analysis. The magazine is highly competent in terms of presentation & quality of articles, and has close links to the technology community. Supported by Automation Industry Association (AIA) of India and with an eminent Editorial Advisory Board, A&D India offers a better and broader platform facilitating effective interaction among key decision makers of automation, robotics and allied industry and user-fraternities.

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EM India - Trade Magazine for Efficient Manufacturing

Making production efficient, flexible and futuristic is the task undertaken successfully by EM – The leading trade magazine on Efficient Manufacturing and related areas.

The monthly EM India offers a threedimensional perspective on Technology, Market & Management aspects of Efficient Manufacturing, covering machine tools, cutting tools, automotive & other discrete manufacturing.

Efficient Manufacturing (EM) keeps its readers up-to-date with the latest industry developments and technological advances, helping them ensure efficient manufacturing practices leading to success not only on the shop-floor, but also in the market, so as to stand out with the required competitiveness and the right business approach in the rapidly evolving world of manufacturing.

EM’s comprehensive coverage spans both verticals and horizontals. From elaborate factory integration systems and CNC machines to the tiniest tools & inserts, EM is always at the forefront of technology, and serves to inform and educate its discerning audience of developments in various areas of manufacturing.

The contents have clear focus on editorial subjects, very practical oriented, highly competent in terms of presentation & quality of articles, and has close links to the technology community.

With a highly filtered distribution, we ensure EM’s reach to the most relevant & right people in the manufacturing industry. The readers of the magazine are spread across Automotive, Machine Tools, Electrical & Electronics, Power & Energy, Material Handling & Logistics, General Machinery, Steel & Mining sectors….making it the most sought after magazine in this sector. EM is also circulated in China, Taiwan and South-East Asia through its overseas partner – Ringier Trade Publications.

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Shekhar Jitkar

Publisher & Chief Editor A&D India/EM India

Phone: +91 9820337367

Dhiraj Bhalerao

Regional Sales-Head - West & South India

Phone: +91 9820211816

Sagar Tamhane

General Manager - Sales & Marketing

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Ananya Choudhary

Manager - HR & Admin

Phone: +91 8149191776

Pragati Lakade

HR & Admin Executive

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Suchi Adhikari

Senior Sub-editor & Correspondent

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Juili Ekalhare

Features Writer

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Tarun Kumar Pyane

Design Head (Print & Web)

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Senior Manager - Sales & Marketing (South)

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Namrata Singhania

Content Developer (Online & Print)

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